5-9 Glee Set With Ayron Dagger

On May 9tth Ayron Dagger, friend of the Shadows, returned to DJ after several years of DJing. The set was full of tunes featured in the TV show Glee. The contest was ” Best in High School” A total of 45,000 L$ was raised between all kiosks that night. Go Relay!


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Best in Latex With DJ Madonna Daehile

Tonight Madonna did an awesome set of tunes. A bunch of folks joined Team Shadow and together 17,600 lindens was raised. The theme was Best in Latex and Madonna, of course, made sure She led the way. She closed the set with an amazing cover of ” Wind Beneath My Wings” by Vin Scully. Go Relay!


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Team Shadow Participation in Fantasy Faire

A few of the Team Shadow DJs did sets during Fantasy Faire. I’ll list each person’s sets and the totals brought into the Fantasy Faire kiosks during them.

Gem Sunkiller 5-7 pm  and Sasha DJ Fae 7-9  pm on April 24th for a combined total of approximately 306,00 L$!

Gem Sukiller April 29th 8-11 approximately 62,000L$!

Madonna Daehile April 25th 1-4 pm 120,000 L$! and April 28th 1-3 PM 61,000 L$!

As of right now the Relay total is L$ 31,927,490 or 122,798 Us dollars! Team Shadow’s total is L$635,186 or 2,443 US dollars! Go Relay!

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Paint Ball 4-15

On the 15th from 2-6 PM Team Shadow and Team Live Wire joined forces again. This time it was for a paint ball event. Lots of paint was splattered and lots of dancing was done. Bring your own kiosk was open and there were lots of kiosks and raffles. Sasha DJ Fae spun the tunes.  L$ 15, 000 was raised. As of this writing the total for Team Shadow is L$600,551 or 2,320 US dollars. The total for all of Relay is, and remember this numbers is what matters because are are all one team, L$ 19,712, 756 or 75,818 US dollars! Go Relay!


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4-13 at The Relay Store

On April 13th Team Shadow had the honor of being at The Relay Store with Team Live Wire. DJ Gem Sunkiller spun awesome tunes for 2 hours. Tons of folks came over to party and help defeating cancer. Kiosks were dropped and by the end of it all L$ 25,865 was raised. Go Relay!


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4-11-17 Disney Event and Team Shadow Goes Platinum !

On April 11th  Team Shadow’s own Sasha DJ Fae brought a set full on Disney tunes to the Relay Hard Cafe. As always there was lots of dancing and green text as each Relay there helped to kick cancer’s butt.  The magic of Disney and magic of Relay combined and $LS 45,000 was raised! Later on in the night Team Shadow went platinum! Go Relay!

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