Way Overdue Final Post For The Season

I am so sorry I didn’t do this post much soon. RL and SL has been busy so I wasn’t able to put together a good blog. Relay weekend was as always emotional and it can be exhausting for many reasons. There’s always something going on during Relay weekend. The Luminaria Ceremony brought many tears and was as beautiful as it was sad. This year Team Shadow’s campsite was “Where The Wild Things Are” themed, and many members of the team were seen on the track in full costume. Madonna was in Her cockroach legs as required because of the money Her bid me raised. I(Rhea) spent part of my weekend in my red and green striped sweater, black jeans, boots and fedora as my female Freddy persona.

I sadly didn’t get attend much of Blues For Life, but for the time I could be there it was an amazing event. Many thanks to the DJs and guests for throwing such an amazing party. I’m sorry to have missed so much of it.

I also could not attend Relay wrap up. I do know that many amazing teams and individuals were recognized with awards. Including 2 members of Team Shadow: Gem Sunkiller and Madonna Daehile both received the  change makers award! Congrats to all teams and individuals awarded. A big congratulations to ALL Relayers. We are coming closer and closer to the day when cancer is a thing that exists in history books! We are The cure! One team one dream!

❤ Rhea




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