Updates From The Last 2 Weeks

Last week Team Shadow’s Captain Gem DJed some Freestyle tunes at our”Best in Skater” themed event. The event got started late because the sim The Relay Hard Cafe is on had to restart just before the event. This week Was “Best in Hats” theme with Sasha spinning Stevie Ray Vaughn tracks. Also last night Gem opened up rez rights at the cafe and we had a few teams come, rez kiosks, fight back against cancer, and dance with us. We’ve been working hard to stomp cancer out and we thank everyone else who joins in the fight. April is gonna shape up to be busy for Team Shadow. We’ll be participating in multi team events, doing a paint ball event(so psyched never played paintball at least never in SL. Don’t know RL), and some of Team Shadow will be DJing at a Crazy Chicks event. So if you’re at an event look around; you’re likely to spot at least one of us! If you don’t already know us you can tell who we are by our Team Shadow tags and the fact that we are almost always dancing. Seriously, dancing is a way of life right alongside Relaying for us Shadows. For those of you who like to keep up with numbers Team Shadow has so far raised L$453,173 which equals $1,813. The most important total, the total that all of Relay has raised is L$22,364,925 which is $89,460. Together we can finish the fight! One Dream, One Team, One Cure!


❤ Rhea


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