A Word From Fiz AKA He Wants Help Going Bald

Fiz wanted a message passed along so I’ll just put the whole thing right here.

An Invitation to Bid Me Bald Fizban Underwood

During the Week of May 6th to May 13th, I will be participating in the Relay Rockers’ ‘ORIGINAL’ BID ME BALD Fundraiser to support The Relay For Life of Second Life & the American Cancer Society. I would be honored if you would make a donation on my behalf to help. As a BID ME BALD participant I am offering my hair to help find a Cure For Cancer.

This is how it works. On Wed, May 6th I will be placing a Kiosk at the SLURL, next to my BID ME BALD Poster. For each $L5000 donated during the next week I will go without hair 1 Day! On Wed, May 13th @ 4pm SL time I will be joined at the Barber Chair by my friends and teammates, my Kiosk will be totaled and I will receive my haircut!

I am challenging all my friends to come and donate to my special kiosk and BID ME BALD! My Goal is to raise at least $L50,000. (10 days of baldness).

Please come and help! We all know that cancer patients have no choice when their hair falls out during treatment, but we do, and through Relay for Life we can do something to help those people, our loved ones and ourselves, by joining together to FIGHT CANCER!

$L1000 equals $4.18! A Small amount to anyone! Please Consider a Bid of at least that amount, but remember, every single linden makes a difference!

Please accept my Challenge and

Until There’s A Cure,
*Bid Me Bald recognizes, with honor and respect, those for whom the choice was made, not by themselves, but by Chemo and other cancer treatments.

We have the choice and we choose to sacrifice our hair to honor these Survivors and to help the American Cancer Society find ways to fight cancer, support survivors and their caregivers and help us all celebrate more birthdays.*”

So there you have it folks Fiz is asking all of you to make sure he goes bald! So get down there and help him get his hair cut!  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//182/24/24

❤ Rhea


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