Crowding the Gate!!

Well folks, this is the beginning. 2015, The Future is now!

Registration started and is going strong, Relayers are crowding the gates as the title suggests. Already a few teams are Bronzed and a few Silver even! This bodes well for the Season ahead. It’s an Omen right? This means… We are closer than ever to achieving our goal, right? I certainly hope so!

Now is just the calm before the storm. Kick off in March, we are ready! Based on talk in world, we aren’t alone! One Team is in the air and we are raring to go. I hear a lot of great INNOVATIVE ideas being thrown out and there is a definite buzz of excitement.

This is my favorite time… Not as favorite as Relay itself but it’s that cusp of potential that is fun. Everyone is near vibrating with Gusto! I hope the winds stay in our sails.

On that note! Team Shadow is looking for Active Members, if you’re interested in One Team, dancing and music, Event Hopping and are interested in Kicking Cancers butt! Then we are the Team for You! If not, please seek out Vee Tammas and I am sure she will be able to find you a Team in no time!

We are ready to kick this Cancer to the curb this year. Are you with us?

Of course you are.



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