The Future is Now…. 2015 Relay for Life

10906183_1555221448054400_3869581903829661477_n (1)

Well folks, it’s that time of the year again! Second Life is Gearing up for another Relay for Life of Second Life!

Our theme this year is “The Future is now…” and I feel this is rather prophetic! Maybe this year will be the year we finally beat cancer. Then again, if not…well we will continue the fight!!

Are you looking for a Team? There are TONS out there. We, ourselves, are recruiting! If you’re interested please message Sigh Underwood (Sylisan Resident) or Sasha Fairywren IN world or On Facebook to get more information.

Failing that, if you seek out Vee Tammas, she’ll be able to sit down discuss things with you and find you a team that suits your needs.

Team Shadow has always been a proud supporter of ONE TEAM!

One Team, One Dream, One cure!!


2015.RFL.Sylisan Resident


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