OMG! So much stuff!

Okay… so As we all already know. I fail at blogging.

Now that we’ve cleared that up…let us commence.


SO Team Shadow has been rather quiet but busy. Between rl nonsense and sl Relay we are a tiny bit OMG!  All our rather big events are past now… A few multi-team events coming up LIKE!

The MULTI-TEAM CLUB CRAWL! I have to give Mary some Kudos, her and her Team sorted out all our crap, got our information and harassed us till we sorted things out and SUDDENLY! Two day event WOO!

Team Shadow is cheaterfacing it! We have two DJ’s Representing us on May 31st between 12 PM and 4 PM SLT Sasha DJ Fae who is our very lovely wonderful Captain ❤ and our Lovely and wonderful Madonna! ❤ (Madonna’s event will be featuring those fancy new and awesome Dual Kiosk thingies! (The Second team TBA!)

THEN Me and my fancy self will be a TAXI DANCER! You can pay 100L$ to dance with me for ONE SONG! If you want to dance more you need to pay my Kiosk again! On… June 14th I believe. I will verify that later so…don’t hold me to it!

ALSO! Hopefully in the near future we will be featuring an ADULT ONLY EVENT! ~gasp~  Please keep an eye out for more information involving that!


PLEASE! if you’re a Team Captain and would like to do a Dual Team Event with us PLEASE feel free to message me in world (Sylisan Resident) or Sasha Fairwren and let us know! We Love Love love doing things with other people! And unfortunately haven’t been able to get out there quite as much as we would like.

Until then folks! I am going to go back to being a slackerface!


Many Blessings and Safest Paths to you all!

Sigh Underwood

Multi-Team event!
Multi-Team event!

5451 TeamShadow2



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