The Journeyman

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. I have stumbled upon the Journeyman and learned that Curiosity gets you EVERYWHERE. This Ingenious addition to Relay for Life of Second Life has kept me intensely busy for the last two days. Busy, and broke. I can’t express enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE This new addition! It’s incredibly ONE TEAM oriented and has indeed brought people together. I have like 7 new friends because of this quest line and I am predicting that I will meet a ton more people on the Journey!

I am on…#12 I think and I cannot wait to see the rest. Though I did give one person a very hard time because…well lets face it…sometimes I am just a pretty face ~winks~

Team Shadow will be engaging the masses on Wednesday this week! Encouraging everyone to come take a Dip in our Purple Pool! Ska is the Genre and of course Sasha DJ Fae is ALWAYS ready to take Requests!

My Enthusiasm has been in High gear and I am hoping to carry that through and I hope that others around me pick up and carry on the fight LOUDLY.

We need to constantly MAKE NOISE

so we can WIN THIS FIGHT!


~Sigh Underwood


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