I AM SO LAZY! But my Team is not!

WOO! We are runnin hot this Season already blazing past 30K and running hard and fast toward 100K!

We’ve got a few new members this year and we are working hard and fighting viciously FOR A CURE!

Don’t forget to stop by during our weekly Pool Parties! We are being adventurous today and having them Either Tuesdays or Wednesdays so KEEP AN EYE ON THE EVENT BOARDS! We are also looking to have some wicked events in the future, there is talk of a Masquerade with a pretty awesome theme (I created the theme…therefore it’s awesome) as well as a Possible Adult Only Event ~dun dun dunnnnnn~ It will be good times.

We hope everyone is rocking hard and want to congratulate EVERYONE Who has made it to Bronze and a Special shout out to the Goreans For Life who are doing AWESOME at over 1.5 MILLION Lindens! GO TEAM GO

If you haven’t gone there, please seek out Kamini on their team, she does the “Why I relay” Photography and Flip board which is AMAZING! If you need information just message me in world at ~ Sylisan Resident ~ and I will GLADLY pass on her name!


~Sigh Underwood!

Overly lazy Co-Captain of Team Shadow ~grins~


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