Fashion For Life

Well, I traversed the whole of Fashion for life. There were some “Oooh” moments and as well as some disappointed moments. For me…the Sims were a bit too big and too maze like. I am easily turned around in Second life and I am 100% certain I missed at least half the listed vendors which is a shame because those I did find were phenomenal!

My first destination was the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, this was incredibly disorienting. I ended up in a few stores twice over and couldn’t find my way to the next SIM if it came and bit me on the tush. Though the Design was incredible! A few great designers and one outfit in particular that I ADORED.(Please forgive the Crapy Photography, I was trying to NOT get passerbys in the pic)



My next destination was Zeus at Olympia.


Of the others, this one was a little less exciting until you climbed the stairs. Little Garden stores and such laid out neatly. Though I have to admit! The only SIM I didn’t get lost in!! (Yay me)

One thing I noticed were a lot of men’s fashions! this is awesome since they have such a small selection otherwise. Some men love fashion too guys! And they were Sexy fashions too! So wonderful! A few of the “Stores” were depressingly empty. One Hoorenbeek had a lonely little table and no RFL Vendor which is part of the disappointment. Not the first store like this and wasn’t the last either. I think my favourite store on the Zeus SIM was Vero Modero or VM. The Dresses were GORGEOUS! Worth a Check out

I have to say, the stores with the most RFL Vendors will see my business again! It felt good to get fun things and have it profit a good cause instead of filling someones pockets and even better to pay a normal vendor and support the Vendor who supported RFL!


To the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


This was yet another SIM I got incredibly lost in! But…I didn’t mind. This build is amazingly tranquil and beautiful. I’ve always loved Gardens. A lot of awesome fashions as well. So many Vendors! I am impressed!


The Lag pretty much kicked my butt here. So I decided to take a break, keep looking here for a part two!


Safe Paths!





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