13 Days Till Kick off! Relay Rap and LL’s Crazy updates!

Hello friends of Relay!

So, last weeks Relay Rap was an eye opener as I mentioned on our facebook page. One often forgets to take into consideration what another feels when certain things are said. Uncertainty, discomfort, compassion even often stands in the way of tact and understanding. We heard from Petuniia, Renee and Mall about their individual perspectives on how people approach them.

To expand on the diversity of people, reactions between the three ranged from Protective to educational depending on their own individual situations. Speaking as someone who has probably been guilty of saying or doing the wrong thing, I apologize. When faced with such a situation sometimes the mouth engages before the brain and well…we are only Human.

Moving on down the week, it’s been quiet except for the chatter in our Lovely RFL groups! Everyone is so  helpful and excited! It’s a great atmosphere and I have to say I am incredibly grateful for this group of people! That being said! only 13 days till KICK OFF!

I know Team Shadow is aiming to have a little celebratory Pool party the Monday following Kick off and I am hoping a few people can attend! Though I know teams will be busy with their own events! Competition or no, this is a vast community and the support I see between the Teams, the Coordinators and our wonderful committee warms my heart immensely!

Some mild panic, having read and watched the Firestorm Q&A and learning about LL’s Server Side Baking roll outs possibly creating a mess in it’s transition I am hoping LL keeps bumping it back till way past Relay! We can only hope! Either way, everyone keep their ears and eyes open for updates so we can all be at least prepared!

Almost time for today’s version of Relay Rap. Apparently we’ll be speaking with Dwen Dooley (Event Co-Chair) Vic Mornington (Building & Design Lead) about Technical Issues and preparations (Thank goodness) and also Dawnbeam Dreamscape (Coaches Lead) and Nuala Maracas (Mission Trainer) about upcoming training for teams and other relative information!

Should be good. See you all there!


Safe Paths



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