The Adventures of Registration!

Hello again everyone!

Well, we are finally getting settled into the Relay groove. Still some jitters and nervous excitement as we begin our second relay Season without our original Captain! Gem having gone on to Area Chair, Sasha stepped up as our Stalwart Captain with me as her trusty Side-kick (or something like that!)

While there were many helping hands, I have to say Convio was tricky! Lots of questions and some hiccups but finally triumph was ours and we are set to start! 

We kicked off the Season for ourselves with a Celebration of Registration! Our Walk like an Egyptian event was riddled with amusing mishaps and an ill timed region restart BUT! We all had fun! We Jailed some people and I got my lovely face Captured on film behind bars! It was good times and if I have to say so myself quite the leap into this Relay Season!

We are looking forward to some pretty sensational parties and events, ours and our fellow teams. While the competition is fun, Team Shadows will ever focus on that TOP number…Our goal towards ending cancer is always ONE TEAM. The Games are fun but in the end, every linden ends up in the same hands…the hands that will hopefully one day find a way to rid this world of that dreadful disease. 

Until then….. GO RELAY!!!!!!!!!

~Safe Paths and warm Blessings!



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